Our services

We sell and install plates in its different kinds, (galvanized, black or painted) as in every other area these may be needed, we are leaders in the market of the manufactured steel and we stand out mainly due to our excellent customer service and quality, using equipment with the most recent technology, We count with installed machinery able to produce 100 tons of steel monthly.

Metallic structures

Standard Joist beams

  • Design and assembly of Joist beams for roofing.
  • Building standard for the construction of industrial warehouses.
  • Custom lengths as the client requires.

Steel molding

Laminated moldings of all kind.

  • Molding service for galvanized Steel and Steel plates.
  • Standard and custom designs.
  • Gutters, ridges, downspouts, circular, flashing, etc.

Hermetic lamination

  • Reduce the external noise and prevent liquid leaks.
  • Available in galvanized or painted plates.
  • With or without thermal insulation.

Cut of Galvanized steel rolls into strips.

  • Cut of galvanized steel rolls and galvanized tapes into strips
  • Custom measures for your cut

KR18 system laminations

  • Metallic corrugated covers, in multiple calibers.
  • KR18 system.
  • Laminations in general, galvanized or painted.

Multypanel style doors

  • Multypanel and drum style doors for interior and exteriors.
  • Thick and though.
  • Polyurethane filling.

Right angled tubular beams

  • Right angled tubular steel beams and armor.
  • Armed and assembled in custom lengths.
  • Available in variety of calibers.

Mechanical Press

  • Available in a several variety of calibers with minimal folding in different kind of plates
  • Mechanical precision and adjustable caliber in the press

Assembled beams with 3 or 4 plates

  • Steel beams (black or galvanized) with 3 or 4 plates for construction
  • Available in a wide variety and calibers

Shears cut

  • Plate cutting with mechanic shears for steel plates in several calibers
  • Mechanic cut precision