Galvanized steel plates in Monterrey, Mexico

We are a Mexican company with a big presence in Monterrey and an experience of more than 30 years in the branch of galvanized steel, galvanized plates, and steel beams. We are manufacturers of different products such as: galvanized steel plates, galvanized deck plates, and painted steel plates. Whatever you are looking for to start your building project, we surely have it and in a great price!

We offer integral services and products for a proper install and set up of all our products, delivery service direct to the location you may need (check available areas) and a quick quoting service.

Lamina acanalada ondulada Monterrey
Lamina de acero inoxidable monterrey
Lamina galvanizada Monterrey
Lamina y perfiles Monterrey
placas de acero Monterrey
Rollos de lamina lisa Monterrey

Our services

We count with manufacture of plates in a big variety of products, custom plates and provide the service of rent of KR-18 machinery. Also, we provide the service of assembly of steel beams in custom lengths accord to the customer needs. Doesn’t matter if you are starting a domestic project or a big construction, you can be sure that you will find the proper product with us.

We manufacture corrugated steel plates (rectangular or wavy) and ZE-100/35 Metallic structures (galvanized deck plates), ridges and galvanized rolls.

Lámina galvanizada en plancha de diferentes tamaños y calibres en Monterrey

Galvanized plates

  • Tough, reliable and easy to manage.
  • Available in rolls and plates.
Lámina acananalada en perfil rectangular con galvanizado en Monterrey

Corrugated steel plates

  • Ideal for roofs and house facades.
  • Available rectangular or wavy.
Losacero galvanizado para piso y construcción en Monterrey

Galvanized deck plates

  • Essential for big projects.
  • Zinc galvanized.
Lámina pintro blanca en rollo en Monterrey

Painted plates

  • Ideal to give an aesthetic touch to the work saving money and time.
  • Available in different sizes, designs and corrugated.
Viga de acero de 3 placas disponible en Monterrey

Steel beams

  • Tough and durable.
  • Also available with custom assembly.
Puerta multypanel tipo sandwich

Sandwich type multypanel

  • Painted steel plates.
  • Thermalpolyurethane filling.